Player One Trailers    Bellingham, WA
Job Description

Here at Player One Trailers, we strive to deliver awesome work in an environment geared towards growth, fun, and collaboration. Want to animate the 2D worlds we end up creating? You re in luck! We need a 2D Animator to join our team and work with our lead Creative Director to bring our 2D art to life on a per-project basis. Can work remotely.


  • Draft and animate numerous 2D cinematics and sequences.

  • Collaborate closely on existing and future projects with numerous teams.

  • Possess both technical and artistic expertise to push the creative envelope to new heights while adhering to numerous quality and brand guidelines.

  • Communicate clearly and in a timely manner with all members of the team.

  • Properly and accurately gauge timelines required for completion of work.

  • Requirements:

  • A reel and online portfolio showcasing numerous examples of current up-to-date work.

  • Minimum two years experience animating 2D assets.\

  • Able to work independently when needed.

  • A passion for games.

  • Pluses:

  • 2D Art skills

  • Wed, 06 Mar 2019 06:38:10 GMT

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