3D Animator

HTX Labs    Houston, TX
Job Description

Are you ready to work in a fast-moving, tech-savvy environment leveraging the latest and greatest technologies such as Virtual Reality? If so, HTX is looking for motivated individuals to join our team to design and deliver immersive technology solutions for the enterprise.

Job Description

We are looking for skilled animators to join our team. Your primary responsibilities will be to create game-ready animations, through a blend of key-frame animation and motion capture technology for virtual reality training experiences to be deployed to both PC and mobile devices.

The ideal candidate will have a good eye for creating realistic animations that can be seamlessly implemented in-game, and a working knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 and its animation pipelines. Rigging and skinning skills will be highly regarded. This role involves collaboration with a versatile team comprised of 3d artists, C++ programmers, and other Unreal developers. You will operate in a fast-paced, agile environment with the opportunity to work on many different types of projects.

  • Create fluid, life-like animations demonstrating knowledge of animation principles
  • Create character motions through a blend of key-frame animation and motion capture
  • Guarantee the quality of the animations and ensure that they are produced on time
  • Animate props, vehicles, and other non-character assets
  • Implement animations in Unreal Engine,using tools such as the animation blueprint system, blend spaces and animation montages
  • Generate realistic facial and lip sync animations for in-game and real-time scenes
  • Participate in Motion Capture shoots as a performer and/or director
  • Clean up raw Motion Capture data to ensure that it is ready to be applied in-game
  • Help improve existing character rigs
  • Collaborate with artists and engineers to establish and refine the animation pipeline
  • Follow established protocols in file management structure, project organization, and version control
  • Troubleshoot technical and artistic challenges and issues
  • Skills
  • Advanced knowledge of Maya or equivalent software
  • Experience implementing animations in Unreal Engine 4 and knowledge of its many animation systems
  • Experience creating gameplay animation
  • A thorough understanding of animation pipelines and the processes involved from the conceptual phase to in-game implementation
  • Experience working with both keyframe animation and motion capture data
  • Experience editing and cleaning up motion capture data
  • Experience with character setup, rigging, and skinning
  • Ability to adapt to new challenges and to learn new tools quickly
  • Desire to continuously improve skills and techniques
  • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Understanding of at least one source control system, such as Perforce or Subversion
  • Ability to work well on a small team in a fluid, fast-paced environment. Exposure to Agile Scrum is a plus
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills
  • Self-motivated and passionate about virtual reality and other immersive technologies
  • Please submit a Portfolio / Showreel link with your application to be considered for this role.

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    Thu, 24 Jan 2019 08:53:10 GMT

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