14 Job Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid to Get a New Job

14 Job Interview Mistakes You Must Avoid to Get a New Job

Have you wondered, despite your good qualifications and various job interviews, you still not getting the job? As the market is competitive out there, perhaps it’s maybe something to do with how to introduce yourself at a job interview. Regardless of how qualified you are, you failed to crack the interview.

There are many things that are out of control. However, don’t sabotage your possibilities of landing a job with stuff you can’t control.

Here are some lists of job interview mistakes to avoid

1. Not being punctual

Arriving a few minutes early, about 10-15 minutes before the scheduled job interview time – serves two purposes. It proves that you’re organized, reliable and eager. It also allows you to have some time to compose yourself, use the restroom and prepare for the conversation.

Many common excuses for late such as stuck in the traffic then it is better you should inform them.

You may be tempted to arrive earlier, but don’t. It may create inconvenience for the interviewer and it may also look as if you have nothing better to do. If you arrive early then it is better you should wait in your car.

2. Failing to prepare

It’s important to prepare detailed information about the company where you’re applying so you will be ready to talk about how your skills and ability are a good fit for its business. For an out of box impression, do enough research to be able to discuss the company’s recent mergers and acquisitions or new business model, you can also consultant the company’s HR. “It really shows your passion for the specific role and the company, and that’s something that sets you apart.”

3. Selling yourself too aggressively or getting rude

Make a good impression on everyone you encounter. You never know whose opinion counts in the hiring process.

“Some people, many in sales or marketing or who have stronger personalities, they will tend to take over the interview. They’re controlling the situation too much; don’t try to dominate the conversation.

Sometimes you want to find a good job so badly that it been harder to keep yourself calm and polite. But being too desperate or anxious will only spoil your opportunity to crack job interview. A person likes to work with people who are positive, confident and pleasant, not assertive and insensitive.

The best way to avoid interview anxiety and worries is by staying in the present and focused on the job interview. Be eager and passionate about your desire for the job.

4. Failing to sell yourself

Don’t be shy or being too humble. Don’t assume the interviewer will remember your every detail from your resume about the awards you’ve won or the sales goals you’ve exceeded. Don’t get nervous and skip your important information about your achievement.

You must know how to write an effective resume that catches recruiter’s eye for finding a job.

5. Don’t use Cell Phone

Even if you’re checking the time, indicates the rudeness or suggest that you’re easily get distracted. Before going to the interview room turns off your devices. You may have written your notes on your phone, but in a job interview, use a pen and a paper notebook instead. If you use your cell phone during the interview to check your calls and text messages it sends a red flag.

6. Not Properly Dressed

Most employers are able to decide whether to or not to hire a person at the first phase of an interview. And the very first impression is the visual impression. So if you are undressed like you are not serious about the job interview –by not dressing professionally or not paying attention to small details such as shoes or clothes, you could be rejected before you’ve even started.

7. Strength and weakness

This question is very common and almost been asked in every job interview. It’s important to emphasize what you’re good at and minimize the truth about what you’re not.

The foremost way to answer this question is to reduce the trait and emphasize the positive way. Select a trait and come up with a solution to overcome your weakness. Don’t mention much about personal qualities and concentrate more on professional traits. For example; I have to admit I sometimes miss small details in work, but I always make sure I have someone who is detail-oriented on my team.” No matter what weakness you choose, try to put a positive whirl on your answer.

8. Badmouthing Former employers

Never ever speak badly about the former employer in the job interview process it creates bad attitude and impression. This behavior will spoil your opportunity to get hired.

9. Getting too personal or oversharing

Being friendly is nice, but it’s important not to cross your limit by sharing too much personal information.

Remember, you never know how the interviewer sitting will react. You only get limited time with the interviewer, so you should stay focused on your professional accomplishments and the company’s needs.

10. Neglecting to ask questions or asking questions with obvious answers

An interviewer will conclude by asking “Do you have any questions for me?” This question is been ask to seek that are you attentive or listening carefully to the interview or not. It’s great to ask them to clarify something from the interview. It’s not so great to ask about working from home, possible promotions before you’ve even been hired.

Don’t ask anything like company’s basic information, if it’s available on the company’s website. Also, don’t decline to ask a question, this will show your disinterest or arrogance towards them and the company.

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11. Having poor body language

A lean posture can demonstrate a lack of confidence or boredom. Communication goes beyond words. It’s important to make eye contact while listening and speaking, offer a firm handshake. Try not to show off your nervousness if you have.

12. Lying

If you don’t know or don’t want to answer then is better not to lie. This is always a bad idea. When the company discovers the truth, you’ll be immediately disqualified from this job and likely all future opportunities.

13. Referring to any illegal activity

The job Interview is not the time to talk about your illegal habits or drug use or any other hobbies that violate the law or employer conduct policies.

14. You’re Not Gracious

Remember to thank each employer for taking the time to interview you, at the end of job interview.

A little gratitude in life or on the best place to search for jobs always goes a very long way.