5 Valid Reasons for Changing Jobs in USA

5 Valid Reasons for Changing Jobs in USA

Answering the question, “Why do you want to change jobs?” while sitting in a job interview can be quite uneasy and uncomfortable for you. The hiring managers will naturally be curious as to why you wish to change jobs and want to hear the right reasons from you. You do not want to come across as a “complainer” by stating reasons such as difficult relationship with your boss or colleagues, long working hours or poor performance.

Therefore, when answering such a question it is important that you choose your words correctly.

Reasons for Changing Jobs:

  1. Opting for a better deal: Consider this a step-up in your career, seeking for more opportunities for future growth, a higher salary or improved benefits, getting a better deal is an ideal reason to leave. This also assures your hiring manager that you’re looking to grow and cannot be contained in your current role.
  2. Major life changes: Suppose that you’re getting married to a person, who lives in another state or country, or you’re having a baby, or you’re required to move somewhere else with your partner, etc and your employer is not willing to corporate or work around these major life changes. Then it’s time to move on. However, it is always advisable to inform your employer beforehand and not to keep them in loop about your reasons for changing jobs.
  3. You’re ready for a new career: A change in your career objectives may also force you to look for a new job. Suppose you’ve gotten a new college degree and wish to pursue in that direction or you simply want to go for a new occupation. If your professional ambitions go beyond what you can achieve in your current job, it’s time to start a new journey.
  4. Career Stagnation: If you’ve devoted yourself to your job for years and worked hard without any promises or offers of promotions, you may choose to seek for a new company where you can be rewarded for your dedication.
  5. Your own Startup: Starting your own business is definitely risky and challenging but it also shows immense courage, drive and real business acumen. After years of toiling some people prefer to own their own businesses instead of working for someone else.

When to look for a new job?

For some it’s evidently clear when to call it quits but for others it might not be so obvious. Here are some signs that determine it’s time for you to look for new job opportunities:

  • If you lack passion about your job and have absolutely no excitement it’s time to quit.
  • If you’re company is on the verge of collapsing or going through hard time, it’s absolutely not advisable to sink with that ship. It should be considered one of the most significant reasons to look for a new job.
  • If your work related stress is taking a toll on your mental as well as physical health it would be foolish to go on.
  • If your job is a big hindrance in your desire to spend time with your family then may be time to quit and look somewhere else.
  • If you feel like your skills are not being tapped and you’re capable of much more, time to move to greener pastures.

Look for a job Online:

  • Networking: It’s the quickest way to find a new job. Meeting new people and staying in touch with people you know helps a great deal in forming contacts and getting job opportunities.
  • Employers: Create a list of targeted employers. Go through their websites and social media to gather information and you use that in your interactions with them.
  • LinkedIn: It’s the most powerful professional social network. You can go through the job postings, join groups and check company profiles etc.
  • Google: Simply type “jobs near me” in Google search bar and you will see job listings from local employers.

Always remember to follow your gut feeling. If you’re deeply unsatisfied and despise your job, then you should have no qualms in looking for other opportunities. However, take your time and think hard before making a final decision.