7 Tips on How to Ace a Video Job Interview

7 Tips on How to Ace a Video Job Interview

In today’s age, a video job interview is almost as common as an in-person interview. Most of these remote-friendly companies may not in your local area. Therefore, the interview process is done via video using Skype, Google hangout or Zoom or any one of the million video-conferencing tools online. Even companies in the local area have decided to utilize video technologies to pre-screen the candidate before they request a face-to-face interview. The pros and cons of conducting interviews via video conferencing are that you don’t have to get all dressed up, but you have to sell your personality, experience, and knowledge on camera.

Due to growth in technology many companies are using virtual interview software and applications. A virtual interview allows employers and candidates to meet and interact using with each other in the video, instant messaging, and web-conferencing services.

Here are some of the job interview tips on how to ace your next video job interview:

Select the Proper Location for the Interview

When you perform your video job interviews you must be in a quiet place anywhere in the house or in a private office at a co-working space. Make sure you are in a room with good lighting, so the interview panel can clearly see your face. Adjust your lighting to avoid shadows or over-exposure. Soft, natural lighting is a better choice.

Dress Professionally

You must wear casual dress in job interviews, make sure to iron the clothes. Make your hair looks perfect, apply light makeup. Many a time it’s not necessary to dress up in business attire for a video interview because they will only see your face and chest. But it’s good to be in formal attire from head to toe, in case, you jump up to grab something you forget, there is a chance you may be seen fully on camera. Learn more on job interview attire tips.

Avoid large plaids and prints clothes which may be overemphasized on the screen. Choose a pastel color rather than white, because white may glare, colors like bright reds, yellows, pinks, etc. give your skin a slightly reddish, unnatural tint on camera, avoid flashy jewelry and big prints distract interviewer from you and what you have to say. Many softer, solid colors will work great. A dark, deep blue is one of the best options to wear. If you wear glasses, they should ideally be glare-proof so there’s no reflection of the light. If possible wear contact lens.

Bring Authentic Energy on Camera

You must always do their best to provide a warm welcome at the beginning of the interview. Try to convey your excitement, passion and drive throughout the entire interview. Most companies are looking for a culture fit so it’s important to let the interview panel know whom you are on camera without being fake. Please be the real you, so you can easily describe your expertise and past work experience.

Be aware of your body language

Make sure you are centered on the screen and your posture is great. Keep your arms uncrossed, and don’t fidget. Don’t forget to smile! Be like you are actually an interview. Positive body language will help you to convey a message of interest and friendliness and will help the interviewer understand your physical presence, even though you’re not in the same place. Avoid too much body motion as this may create blurry or jumpy images at the receiving end.

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Tips on How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Creating Video Resume

Check your video interview setup before the interview

  • Prepare your interview area neat and clean as professional as possible.
  • Your background should be neutral, the only thing your interviewer should see behind you is a blank wall. The room that you are in should look neat and attractive and not be visually distracting.

  • Get a quality camera and microphone so you can look and sound great. Make sure the camera is placed in the right spot that needs to be at you’re your eye level. If possible put lights on either side of your computer at a 45-degree angle and put white sheets of paper over the lights. Make sure to turn off the cell phone and music so there are no distractions.

  • Your computer battery that should be fully charged or plugged in while you conduct your interview to avoid any unexpected battery outages or shutdowns.

  • Try to evacuate any distractions such as pets or a crying child.
  • Clear your desk/interview-space of extraneous things and simply have your resume and a copy of the job description in front of you, plus any other documents you may need. Have a bottle/glass of water nearby.

  • Your browser tab should have your email, the company website, the LinkedIn profile of the person you’re interviewing with, maybe an interesting and recent piece of news about the company/industry.

  • Set up an account with Skype (or whatever platform is being used) if you don’t already have one, create an account before the day of the interview, if possible.

  • Make sure to have the professional username and email Id.

  • Check your internet connection and ensure it’s strong. A poor connection may lead to unclear audio on the call. No matter what excellent preparation you do for the call if your interviewers can’t hear you, then there is no point of the interview.

During the Interview

  • Look straight into the camera. This way, it appears on the other end that you are looking right at the other person. Be yourself.

  • If in case some unavoidable/unwanted sound occurs, try to apologize them, address it very briefly, and move on or mute your mic or blank your webcam for a moment.

  • If you want to make the note, try to note in the system or device itself you are using for a video interview.

  • Avoid too much body motion as this may create blurry images at the receiving end.

  • Give your answer in the natural and clear way with a decent pitch of the voice.

Follow-Up with a Thank You Email

Once the video job interview is over, you must send them a thank you email to display your interest in the role. Most of the video interviews involved more than 1 round with a new interviewer. Send a thank you email within 24 hours of the interview. Always display your excitement for the role you interviewed for and try to sell yourself why you would be a good fit role when you compose your thank you email. Find best place to search for job opportunities in USA on jobrino.com