4 Ways to Improve Your Career Growth

4 Ways to Improve Your Career Growth

If you are searching for information on how to make career growth, this article has a lot of information to help you. You will find ideas and tips to make career growth.


When you are thinking on your career development, did you notice your colleague working with you is making progress more faster than you, whereas you work harder than her, you are more intelligent than her. These promotion occurs when you and she work at the same desk for the same activities for the long time.

Is she the boss’s family member? Or is she planning her career from good perspective?

She might have more inside insight, but it could be more chances that she taking career growth responsibility on her own, whereas you are not initiating and waiting for someone to guide you for your career growth.

In general, it is obvious that expecting promotion from employer. Moreover By theory, it is logical to expect that HR department has procedure and plan for promotion that needs to be applied at all level. But if you want to make career growth, you will need to take responsibility own you. There are 4 ways to develop the path of your career growth.


Speak up when any Opportunity comes up

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From promotion standpoint, employees think that we are evaluated on merit base, but, as managers are also imperfect human, and often make assumption therefore it is not 100% right. For example, manager may think that “Anna might doesn’t want to be at senior trainer post as lots of travelling will be there and she has little kids at home”.

As this decision is assumed, and therefore breaches discrimination laws, but it does not mean that subtle discrimination does not happen. In this case you need to speak up, when opportunity arises you need to say about it.

Remember that you may have skills and expertise and your employer does not know about it. Your employer will never know unless you tell them about your skills. If you have a new insight or interested in managing people let your employer know. Otherwise it will be passed on the employee who speak up.


Speak Up well before any Opportunity comes up. 

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There are chances that colleague get promotion, or new employee is hired for jobs vacancy that you never know even existed-a new job opportunity you would have applied for if you would have noticed about that. Look for that how can you get this unknown job?

It does not mean that you just need to bombard your employer with information on how you like to go for career growth, but you need to inform the career path of your skills. Discussing about the promotion things at annual review.

As you are planning objectives for the next year, discuss about your plans and tasks and ask for projects to achieve your career growth. If your planning is to managing people, let the employer know to make you team leader. If you need to move from auditing to accounting, ask the employer if you can work for any projects.


Find Out What Training You Need and Pursue It

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People at work often talk that training is important. Therefore, meet the co-worker at your work who has position that you target. Ask that employee what is requirement and tasks needed to reach at that position? Try to do the recommended task. You will need work experience for some training and some training from classroom training.

For example, some people has good grip over MBA job. If you need that job it is good to join institute. If you want to be at high school principal position, a bachelor degree in math will not meet the needs. If you want become the HR head, MBA or a master degree in HR is the best for you.

Certifications and degree is not required for some career path, so spending time and getting knowledge is good for intellectual development but not really to grow your career. Therefore, you should focus on practical things and ask the person in your workplace that has position you are targeting at.


Keep in mind, No One Cares Your Career Growth except you.

Your boss has her own career and she is performing well for her goals. HR department is targeted for meeting legal regulation and to fill out the top spots. What about you? Your focus should be target on your own career growth.

It is your responsibility to speak up and keep acting accordingly. Relying on other and sitting back passively and waiting for someone to judge that you would outperform on higher position will not make development for your career grow. Initiate for challenges. Opportunities like working on cross-functional and project teams help you to make career development.

You also need to remember to coordinate with the people outside your role. Always put your best efforts and build relationship to your colleague. If you interest in moving a different department, you need to develop a relationship with head of that department.

Eventually, it is your career growth and your responsibility so you need to charge.


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