Find Me a Job | How Recruitment Agencies Can Help You Find Job

Find Me a Job | How Recruitment Agencies Can Help You Find Job

If you’re frustrated in your job search.  

Is your application not getting the desired response?

Are your interviews leading up to nowhere?

Then it’s time to acquire the help of a recruitment agency. Regardless of the stage you’re in your professional life, if you have the right people leading you through your job hunt can make a huge difference when it comes to finding the right role. It is no wonder that so many people are turning to recruitment agencies to help them land their dream job.

Here’s how recruitment agencies can help you find a job.

Connect with your Prospects – The first step is to apply to a recruitment agency. You can do this by sending in your resume, complete with an application and go to one interview with the recruiter. If the recruiter finds you to be a good fit, they will do all the hard work on your behalf to get you that dream job.

The recruiter will then scan through the job opportunities on the market for you, keeping in mind whether or not you would be suitable for the role. Then they will send your resume along with other potential employers if you are interest in the job. This will save you time as you wouldn’t have to spend hours every day looking at online job boards and sending in your resume and cover letter to innumerable hiring managers.  Therefore, you will be spared of all the tediousness and dilatory that is associated with job search.

The Promote You – Sometimes even an effectively written resume is just not enough to make a stellar impression at your employers. However, because of your association with a recruitment agency, your recruiter will go bat for you and promote you and your qualifications to employers. This referral will immensely help in getting hiring manager’s attention because of the faith and trust relationships they have with the recruiters they work for. They believe them when the recruiters say that you will be a great fit for the job.

They have jobs you won’t find elsewhere – More than 70% of organizations engage recruitment agencies to help fill job vacancies. And may companies only rely on recruitment firms for sourcing new employees because they prefer paying recruitment agencies to do the tedious and hard job of screening through the hundreds of CVs and resumes to shortlist candidates for them, rather than doing it themselves. These companies do not advertise their open positions for you to find. But if you’re signed with a recruitment firm, you will have access to all of these hidden jobs which will increase your opportunities a great deal.

Act as your Personal Guide – When the candidates do well in their positions, the recruitment firm looks good to the employer and strengthen their faith in them. Therefore, the recruiters will do everything in their means to make sure that you are comfortable and content in any position they place you in. They act as your personal guide by providing you interview coaching before sending you off to an interview, assists you in writing resumes, advises you on salary negotiations or directly negotiate on your behalf. They also answer all your questions regarding your job duties and responsibilities along with the work environment so that you will feel at ease. They suggest only those opportunities to you that they know you will excel at so that you won’t be set up to fail. You can trust that your recruiters will help and support you in your job search and even while you’re on the job.

Finds Jobs that suits your Needs – They look for jobs that suits your needs as these agencies work with a variety of different job openings. So if you are looking for temporary or holiday work while you are studying for your degree, or some temporary assignments so that you can travel or focus on your personal life, or looking for a way to earn money without having to commit to a permanent position after graduating, or for a permanent position with more stability, your recruitment firm will make sure to find a job that match your career goals, needs for work and life balance and employment preferences.

Feedback – If you are unsuccessful at an interview the recruitment agency will take it upon itself to provide you feedback so that you’d know where you went wrong. This will give you a great opportunity to learn where you can improve and where your interview our interview strengths and weaknesses fall. You can use this information to improve your performance at the next interview. They will build upon your key strengths and investigate and work on your shortcomings and give you suggestions accordingly. This kind of free advices and feedback is invaluable and will take you a step closer to landing your dream job.

Payment for Agency Services – Acquiring a job through staffing or recruitment agencies should not cost you a penny. Employers pay the recruitment firms a fee for their services. This guarantees you that they will do their very best to make sure that you at least get an interview, because that is the only way they will end up getting paid. Beware of and avoid any employment agencies that ask for upfront payment.

Conclusion – Before registering with a recruitment firm, make sure you know the kinds of industries the firm deals with and whether they provide temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent jobs—or all three. During your interview with them you must clear all your queries and doubts and ask all the questions that you have in mind. Look for agencies that provide services such as workshops to help you develop your skills or counselors who will guide you with your resumes and cover letters. Moreover, do a thorough research before signing up with any agency and stay away from those offer who ask for payment upfront from job seekers.