8 Tips On How To Stay Focused At Work

8 Tips On How To Stay Focused At Work

“When you start your morning with intention you can bring your morning”wins” with you into the rest of the day”

How you handle the first hour of your workday can largely determine how productive and effective you’ll be the rest of the day as it is one of the most critical times. You can either set yourself up for a day of success or for confusion and failure. Successful people understand the importance of using their time wisely and having control over their mornings as you’ve a greater control at that point of time and you can achieve better results and ultimately greater career success if you manage that hour wisely. If you wish to follow the lead of successful people on how to stay focused at work, here are eight things you can do during the first hour of the work day to stay focused at work.

1. Arrive a little early
Successful people are aware that they should get an early start to their day instead of rushing to work anxiously and hoping to be on time. It provides you ample time to settle in and plan your day ahead to be productive without getting distracted by your colleagues and boss. It will also improve your sense of autonomy and control because you’re the one who is setting the pace and not trying to keep up with others. This boost can go a long way.
2. Step back and reflect

In order to achieve your best results it is important that you take a step back and reflect on where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. Instead of just jumping in and start doing things when you get to work, it is necessary that you look at the larger goals of being productive. To be successful in any field you need to make decisions from your core set of beliefs and what character traits you want to cultivate. Therefore, spend some time each morning to remind yourself of these values, and what they mean to you.
3. Control your morning activities

This is very difficult to resist for most people but experts say you should not check your e-mails first thing in the morning.

You might think checking one or two emails are fine, however, one email usually turns into five and so on. And while you’re at it you can’t help but to also responding to few of them. And before you know it, half of your morning is consumed responding to messages and getting stressed out before your day has barely begun. Therefore, it is important that even if you do read and respond to messages make sure to stick to only those that are urgent messages. Prioritize your e-mails as well so that you can control your morning activities.

Quick Tips : How to stay focused in Life
Set up your day the night before | Do the most difficult things first | Eliminate distractions and time wasters | Regenerate and keep up your energy

4. Organize your day

The first hour of the work day is the perfect time evaluate your priorities and to focus on what you need to accomplish and how to go about it. The best way to do this is make a to-do list or update the one you made the previous day, and try to stick to it. Having a solid plan will help you stay organized and will also ensure that your work doesn’t get out of control. Take a few minutes off to sit down and map out what you’d like to get done and when. So that the little things won’t slip through the cracks. It is also necessary that when you prepare this list figure out what must be done today and what can be completed tomorrow, and prioritize accordingly.
Such methods makes you stay focused at work, without spending precious time on doing tasks you don’t like. Make sure to plan only what will fit, and no more!

5. Greet the team

It’s a common courtesy. Successful bosses and employees are aware of their team, and they take the time to greet them first thing. It not only shows that you’re a compassionate person but also builds rapport and camaraderie with your team members and employees. A small hello to your colleagues in the morning will help you start the day in a good mood. Also, to advance in your career it is important that you don’t skimp on your people skills. No matter how good you’re at your job, but your attitude can amplify or destroy the value of your technical skills. You can also have a short meet up with your colleagues and have everyone share their top goal for the day or any critical information that the rest of the team should know. It will help you connect better with your team and build a strong connection. And by sharing your goals for the day with your team will make it easier for you to achieve them.
6. Organize your Workstation

Creating a neat work space and clearing and organizing your desk sets a tone for the rest of the day. A clean desk can provide you a sense of mental clarity and also saves your time in case you get bogged down looking for something you need later on. Ideally, you should clear whatever you can right before leaving the office so that you can have a fresh start in the morning but if not make sure you organize your workstation before checking your e-mails or talking with your co-workers.

“To stay focused at work, only have the things you need neatly piled on your desk.”

Pro-Tip: Beyond just managing your schedule around your energy levels, learn to increase your productivity by manipulating your cognitive state through diet, sleep, and supplements.
7. Turn off your Notifications

When you check your social networking sites your brain releases dopamine and stimulates the reward system, and in order to avoid these mood boosters you should turn off the notifications of your phone and e-mail. Successful people understand the importance of time and are aware of the fact that they are most productive in the morning. So they avoid these distractions and prioritize what is important and plan their work first.
8. Focus on Positivity

Some people take it for granted but it is important to start your day on a positive note. Read something inspirational and uplifting like a motivational quote to set the tone for the rest of the workday. Block out all the negativity and take few minutes out to think about the blessings you’ve in life like your family, friends, your professional achievements etc.


Let’s have a quick recap and see all the ways how you can stay focused at work:

  1. Create the sense of flow
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Create an hourly work plan
  4. Write down all your ideas
  5. Organize your to-do list
  6. Set deadlines
  7. Organize your work environment
  8. Split time-consuming tasks
  9. Take 15-minute breaks
  10. Turn off notifications
  11. Block distracting websites
  12. Create a 3-hour working zone
  13. Block out the noise
  14. Use noise-cancelling headphones
  15. Check email every 3 hours
  16. Ignore social media
  17. Keep your phone out of sight
  18. Use productivity tools
  19. Use browser extensions
  20. Find a comfortable chair
  21. Drink less coffee and more water
  22. Find inspiration
  23. Stay healthy

Ways To Focus When Your Mind Is Not In The Mood
Do one thing at a time | Group similar tasks | Focus on the present | Give yourself a break

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