5 Tips For Unlocking The Potential of New Hires

5 Tips For Unlocking The Potential of New Hires

Getting onboarding right is no simple thing: It is an important process for bringing a new hire into a company and prepare them for their new role. It helps in the effective integration of the New Hire into the organization.

In other words, New Hires who goes through a structured onboard program are more likely to be with the company after three years.

Every company wants to retain great talent. Here are 5 tips for unlocking the potential of new hire during those critical days, weeks, and month at your company.


It is important to understand that Onboarding a New Hire does not begin on the first day. It actually begins even before they apply.

Top candidates have their freedom to choose the best opportunity, and also compare your company to others based on what they see and read online. Therefore, to attract people who will be a good fit, your employer brand should clearly and effectively communicate with your candidate.

Nowadays, through the Digital medium, you can tell your story and educate “talent in wild” about your company. However, these can only be achieved by combining most of this medium with the power of employee reviews, giving the candidates the full sense of what it is like to work at your company. Thus how informed your candidates are about your company will determine how effective they are to hit the ground running.

Quick Tip: Renew your passion for your business and what you do, and allow others to see it.


Everyone has experienced what it is like to be a new person at work. Moreover, studies have shown that nervousness in new situations can drop your confidence in introducing ourselves. In contrast, it’s quite easy for an employer to become fixated on getting the candidate up-to-speed that you forget to encourage them to feel welcome. Instead look for a creative way to welcome a new hire. For example, send out an email with a brief biography and photo to entire company introducing a new employee. In addition encourage other employees to stop by the new hire’s desk and be the first to say, “HI”. And assure the new hire that everyone is welcoming, friendly and ready to help. Don’t just leave the new hire on the desk and hope for the best.

Quick Tip: Take interest in their title and function. Talk to them about their lives after work and find new ways to connect and develop relationship with them.


It is vital in those early days that you are easily accessible by any new hires, so they can learn and understand your expectations and vision for the team.

During the first week of the employment, the new hire may have confusion about their role in the company. For this reason, it’s very crucial during the first week to set the expectation and clear up any confusion they may have about the job role.

In my opinion, new hires are most likely to be motivated when they have clear set goals for them to work on.

So spend some time to define deadlines and deliverables to establish a solid foundation, and form a strong working relationship.

All things considered, however, some things can only be learned through time. Not to mention all companies have their own unique set of rules that are invisible to newcomers.

This is one reason why many big companies have implemented mentorship programs. This program helps new hires to get around the quirks of the company’s culture while educating themselves on company’s constructive process.

Quick Tip: Give employees opportunities to contribute and use their talents in new ways and other areas of work. Be on the look-out for hidden genius or unseen skills.


Now that your hire is on the job for few weeks.  You have the best opportunity to go for a general check to find out how they are doing and provide answers to any questions they may have. This is important especially when you are dealing with a millennial hire, you should have regular feedback sessions to build confidence in them.

As a matter of fact, millennial doesn’t just thrive with a mentor; they want feedback 50% more often than employees in other generation from their managers.

Therefore, as a manager of this generation, you may want to reconsider that regular check-ins and coaching can help them to become better and more efficient at their jobs.

Quick Tip: Develop systems of accountability at all levels and use those systems continuously. Ask your employees what they need in order to be more successful.


After first few quarters of the employment, employees are likely to leave the company. And the most common reason among many is to advance in their career. Many survey’s reports state that millennials are often accused of job hopping. However, the truth is if you give employees a chance to learn and grow in their careers they are most likely stick around.

From here on encouraging employees to think big about their careers goals at your company, and stay engaged in long-term, short-term professional development. Accordingly, support them with informed training and growth opportunities with actionable guidelines to get to where they aim to be.

What struck us about these tips is that you will be unlocking the potential for new hires which will impact your company in long term. And which company doesn’t want that?

Quick Tip: Provide fun opportunities for your new hire to become fully integrated within the organization.

How are you making a positive difference unifying your Millennials with all the generations in your workplace? Share your comments!