Top Entry Level Jobs that Pay Well Hiring Now!

Top Entry Level Jobs that Pay Well Hiring Now!

Your first entry level job can pay you anywhere between $32,000 to $76,000 according to the data collected from There are many highly paid entry level jobs available in the field of Marketing, Computer Programming, Customer Services, etc in USA. So here are the top entry level jobs that are appropriate for recent college graduates looking to take that first step in the work place, with the expectations of reasonable salaries and excellent growth potential.

  1. Graphic Designer – There are wide range of entry-level jobs in the field of graphic design such as Architectural Drafter, who conceives, designs, plans and constructs models for new or modified structures. On an average, an Architectural Drafter salary in the United States is $43,653. However, the salary can be vary depending upon your educational qualifications, certifications and additional skills. The other entry-level jobs in this field are Art Manager (84,528$), Creative Manager ($86,923), Drafter 1 ($48,263)
  2. Financial Analyst – Entry level Financial Analyst earn a median salary of $47.1K. There are many jobs in the field of financial services such as Account Management Director, Account Management Manager, Accountant, Accounting clerk, etc.
  3. Sales Representative – They work with a company’s customers to find what they need, sell company products, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process. Their median base pay is $46,800. There are many jobs available in the field of Sales such as Account Executive, Sr., Account Representative Sr. – Technology Sales, Advertising Manager, Competitive Pricing Manager, etc.
  4. Human Resources Assistant – A Human resources assistant work as a part of human resources team and assist with payroll while benefiting the administration, job descriptions and legal issues. Their base median salary is 34,200$. Benefits Analyst, Benefits Manager, Benefits Supervisor, Communications Representative are some of the job available in the human resources field.
  5. Web Designer – Entry level Web designers earn a median salary of $50.8K. The most popular for a newbie web designer is Junior Web Developer (sometimes listed as an entry-level front-end developer).
  6. Marketing Coordinator – A Marketing Coordinator earns up to $40,000.00 – $65,000.00 /Year. The best entry level position for marketing coordinator is junior marketing coordinator. They are responsible for assisting with tasks such as updating client facing advertisement pieces, tracking objects and team activities, reports and presentations, etc, needed to keep a client project or campaign running smoothly.
  7. Computer Programmer – An Entry-Level Computer Programmer earns an average salary of $53,793 per year. There are various jobs available in this field such as Applications System Programmer which entails developing and modifying an organization’s systems including encoding, testing, debugging and documenting programs. Also jobs like Client/Server Programmer 1, Client Server Programmer 2, Operating Systems Programmer I, ERP Programmer II, Applications Programmer I, etc.
  8. Database Analyst – The average salary for a Data Analyst is $57,675 per year. There are wide range of entry level jobs in this field such as Database Warehouse Analyst II which includes designing, maintaining, and providing support for data warehouse systems and related data marts. Other jobs include such as Database Marketing Analyst, Database Administration Manager, Database Marketing Manager, Database Report Writer, etc.
  9. Environmental Engineer – The national average salary for an Entry Level Environmental Engineer is $66,579. There are many entry level jobs in this field such as Environmental Health and Safety Engineer 1 who implements and maintains company’s policies relating to local, federal environmental, Health and safety regulations. Other jobs include Botanist, Environmental Compliance Specialist, Environmental Health and Safety Generalist Manager, Environmental Health and Safety Engineering Supervisor, etc.
  10. Copywriter – The average pay for an Entry-Level Copywriter is $44,976 per year. There is wide variety of jobs available in this field such as Financial Services Copywriter. A financial Services Copywriter is a writer who understands financial services, investing, banking, and related matters. Other jobs include – Junior copywriter, Financial Services Copywriter, Content Strategist, Marketing Copywriter.
  11. Public Relations Assistant – The average salary for a Public Relations Assistant is $36,539 per year. Some of the best entry level jobs for Public Relations Assistant are Marketing Assistant / Events Coordinator, Communications Assistant, Assistant Media Planner, Assistant Event Services Manager (The Assistant Event Services Manager will be responsible for managing banquet events at the hotel. This person supervises event room set-ups, service, and maintenance of all banquet functions and banquet equipment.), etc.
  12. Customer Service Representative – The median base pay for Customer Service Representative is $54,177. The various entry level jobs available in this field are Entry level Call Center Representative, Mail Clerk/Screener, Entry level System Services Representative, Phlebotomist.

Nowadays company gives to the high paying to the sales person because sales department is lifeblood of company. A Sales person’s work direct impact the company’s performance in market. Sales people know how to work and where to work. They already know about the all things in market. Companies are always ready to hire sales person.

Companies high demand for the developers. Company gives the high salary to the Developers. Developers have creative mind and they developed innovative application for specific process for all devices. Main things are the knowledge and uniqueness. Company hires who have an education and skills. Who is ready for the new challenges and implement something new.

High paying entry level jobs are beneficial for the company and employees both. Company get the new ideas from the employees and get success. Employees gets the best salary by company.