What to Do If You Are Late For an Interview | Job Interview Tips

What to Do If You Are Late For an Interview | Job Interview Tips

Arriving late to a job interview can be a difficult situation to recover from. However, there are a few things that you can do to bring the interview back into your favour. Inform your interviewer in advance by explaining your situation, you may be able to be successful in your interview and obtain the position you are seeking.

No matter how well you do in a job interview, arriving more than a few minutes late, is likely to have a negative impact on an employer’s impression of you and influence your chances of getting the job. In other words, avoid being late at all costs. But if it just can’t be helped, here are some suggestions for dealing with it as effectively as possible.

Call or Contact in Advance

If you’re running late and are doubtful you’ll be able to make it on time, always call in advance and try to give a realistic time frame of when you’ll arrive. Calling when you’re already several minutes late then it will be the bad decision. However, if you’re more than 10 minutes late, be prepared for them to cancel or reschedule the job interview. Have alternative times and days ready if they do. Not showing up at all, without a call, will cause you to be dropped from consideration for the position.

Sincerely Apologize, but Don’t Overdo It

If you were able to reschedule, you should apologize for being late in the first instance. When you apologize, apology in sincere and professional, don’t overreact. Maintain a balance between saying too much and too little.

Let the interviewer know how sincerely sorry you are and how out of character this is. Make your apology and then move on. Things happen, and people understand that. Don’t undermine yourself by throwing out a bunch of lame excuses. When you arrive, apologize again in person by saying, “I’m sorry for being late and give your genuine reason. Be positive to your approach and keep in mind that if things go well, this is the person you’ll either be working for or with, so keep the conversation calm and professional. Give him or her a chance to get to know you—particularly your strengths, such as how you can overcome a challenge like an unexpected detour on the way to an important meeting. Learn about the job interview mistakes you must avoid in interview with the help of job interview tips.

Give a good reason

Provide them with the information for being late, not excuses. Inform them about your actual situation, reasons such as stuck in traffic, alarm clocks fail to rung or you just forgot that today is an interview. An organized, reliable candidate will consider for any mishaps or delays when they planning for an interview. As mentioned before, don’t be late in the first place. But if you are, it’s better to be honest and convey your delayed reason as soon as possible. When contacting with the interviewer to inform them that you’re running late, hence apologize first. Then again when you first meet with them in person. Apologize once more at the end of your interview and thank them for their understanding.

Acceptable reasons such as: major transportation failures, public or personal, a true emergency, personal or family, may be accepted as valid reasons for being late.

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Give an estimated time of arrival 

Letting the interviewer know exactly how late you are going to gives them the chance to make other arrangements and to rearrange their schedule. Give them an estimated time by directly calling them, if calling is not possible then email them.

Reschedule your appointment. 

If you and your contact person both agree for rescheduling the interview, choose a time that works best. Select the new appointment time will depend largely on how late you expect to be and what time the interviewer has available. Choose another day entirely if you get late for more than ten minutes or ask to move the interview to a later time that day. Make sure to thank them, sincerely, for the opportunity to reschedule the interview.

Take an Extra Minute to Compose Yourself

When you reach the destination, try to take a moment to relax: take a deep breath and regroup, gather your thoughts and regain your calm before meeting the interviewer. If you don’t, the lateness will dominate your thoughts and spoil the entire interview. Once you’ve apologized, don’t sorry again and again. Try to shift the focus as quickly as possible from your gaffe to your strengths and skills. You may still be able to win back the favour by delivering a stellar performance in your interview. Don’t let your lateness knock you off your game. Stay focused on the end goal – your dream job! Know how to introduce yourself at a job interview.

Try to remember that even the best of us make mistakes, even the people who are interviewing us.

Things to do: To be on Time for a Job Interviews

Keeping a schedule and sticking to it will help you to be better prepared for any appointment, especially interviews. Wear a watch or keep a timepiece. Keeping careful track of what time it is will let you follow your schedule better. Try to find out exactly how long it will take commute to the destination, hence plan your schedule accordingly. Try an online mapping service, such as Google Maps, to get an estimate of how long your route might take you to travel. Leave early from your home and arrive 10 minutes before to the place of the interview that will allow you feel better prepared and ready for the interview. If you arrive too close to the scheduled time, you may be flustered and unable to answer questions as well as you would like. Explore various job opportunities in USA available.