Why Employers Prefer Targeted Job Applications

Why Employers Prefer Targeted Job Applications

Job People who enjoy what they do are the people from who companies benefits the most.  In other words, doing your homework to target specific company beforehand, can land you a job, rather than relying on a resume and waiting with crossed fingers. Besides searching for a job can make you feel deprived.  Companies select your job application as soon as possible, right? Not Exactly! In fact, sending an application is only the start of a process which does not guarantee an instant result.

In addition, this process can result in a loop of waiting for response, and then well maybe you never hear back. Finally, raising a question which remains unanswered whether your job application has been scanned by a human or was it lost in some mechanical process?

Recently, I read an article by Robert Coombs. In his article, he mentions that how he ended up designing a robot of his own. After applying to multiple well-known companies, he soon started to suspect that robots “application tracking systems” were handling most of his applications. Due to this automated system in place application was taking longer than expected. He grew so frustrated by lack of human response; hence, decided to design a robot of his own.

The robot aggregated hiring manager’s contact information, then submitted customized emails with his resume and personalized cover letter. It also tracked how many times cover letter, resume, or LinkedIn profile was viewed. It also tracked emails responses (including from autoresponders). In total, the robot applied to more than 500 jobs application over a 3 month period. It wasn’t a particularly elegant mechanism, but it was ruthlessly efficient.

So this leads to a big question? Did this amazing job application robot works? The short answer is, unfortunately, No!

It’s easy to understand how candidate applies to as many jobs as possible to gain an interview.

However, if you look from recruiter’s perspective that goes through hundreds of resume every day, then it’s easy to understand why it doesn’t work.

 Why a Targeted Job Search Is More Productive

The more companies you apply to, you are more likely to get a positive response, right? This can be true for some industries. In contrast, the research shows that candidate applying to multiple companies tend to put less effort into each job application. Given these points, instead of applying to random companies, pick few that really are promising and take time to learn about them. More work on your side and less work on recruiter’s side will gain more chances to land an interview.

Employers are looking for employees who are enthusiastic about the company and the position that is advertised. Employers can tell when you are not all that interested, based on how your documents are tailored.

Irrespective of what job you are looking for having a focused and targeted job search can get you a very effective result. Once you have identified a job to target, you focus should be to make your potential employer clear why you are a great fit.

Identify What Type of Work the Job Requires

It’s not enough to know about the company or someone who can hire you.  You should be able to work and perform once you are hired. Therefore before applying for the job, figure out what skills are required and make sure you can handle it. Finally, the major challenge in this process is how good the job description is specified which in most of the cases it’s not.  Mentioned below are few tips you can try overcome this challenge.

Talk to people who have done the work: The best advice you can have is from a person who’s done it already.  Before applying for a job they are the best asset to consult. They can provide you with information about what the job entails, what skills helped them get the job, and whether your decision to apply for the jobs is right.

Research the position: As mentioned in the previous section always looks up to the position very carefully. You may not find a detail job description mentioned. However, a description similar to a position can be found on another company website. This may provide you a clear description of your duties or in another case; you may have the opportunity to apply for a similar job with that company.

Be a part of union or professional organization: Some industries have professional events and gathering whose purpose is to help people related to their industry skills get and keep a job. In this type of gathering one has the opportunity to come together and discuss their work. Being a part of this union meeting or workshop can give you tons of insight.

Keep a clean resume: Your resume should fit each job application. Keep is simple and precise so that you can alter to fit each job application. For instance, adding accurate details or emphasizing previous experience to fit a specific job. Remove any irrelevant details from your resume which does not fit a job you are applying. Having clean resume will make applying for jobs more convenient making your job application proceeds smoothly.

So while it may seem like a good opportunity to bombard recruiters with your job application and hope for the best, the best opportunity in terms of success you may experience will be focusing on opportunities that are meaningful to you. That means fewer, stronger applications as opposed to a multitude of weak ones

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