Mattracks    Karlstad, MN
Job Description
Full-time mechanical and manufacturing engineers, BS Degree required. Must be able to utilize engineering practices, mathematics, and other physical sciences to complete tasks and make any adjustments or changes necessary. Job entails taking products all the way through the design cycle from conception to full production. Will be utilizing computer equipment and software including: CAD/CAM, Data Acquisition and FEA software. Develop, evaluate and suggest improvements for manufacturing methods and quality control. Positions will include organizing testing and calibration records and conferring with supervisors concerning product design and safety issues. Applicant must be well organized, thorough, accurate and pay good attention to detail. Technical writing experience a plus.

send résumé to Mattracks, Inc. P.O. Box 214, Karlstad, MN 56732 or email:

Fri, 15 Mar 2019 09:18:19 GMT

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