Lead Animator (MMORPG) Job

The Game Group    Seattle, WA
Job Description


Our client is looking for a Lead Animator for an RvR fantasy MMO for its studio in Fairfax, VA or Seattle, WA. You’ll direct the character performance, primarily through medieval, fantasy combat that supports a fully-customizable ability system. You will also oversee the animation team, have input into the animation production process, and help bring us to the finish line.


  • Own the look and feel for character performances, particularly around combat.
  • Proactively define the animation solutions and processes to support gameplay.
  • Engage with programmers to help design and perfect the technical aspects of our animation and character system.
  • Rig and weight character art, NPCs, and animated prop assets.
  • Work with concept artists to identify and solve potential character art issues as they pertain to animation.
  • Foster growth amongst the animation team.
  • Use proprietary tools for importing and organizing game-ready assets.
  • Assist in the maintenance of a large library of character assets and support general logistical oversight with art production.
  • Assist in creation of outsourcing workbooks and review completed work.
  • Aid in mapping out the production schedule for art assets for the animation team, and work to meet set deadlines.
  • Help develop the art pipeline as it applies to characters and animation.
  • Take creative direction and provide solutions that work within technical constraints.
  • What we’re looking for:

  • 2+ years previous experience working on MMOs or similar titles.
  • Strong knowledge of traditional and 3D computer animation techniques, weighting, and rigging.
  • Experience with Maya (or similar modeling package), with a strong understanding of modeling and texturing.
  • Experience working with medieval and fantasy combat mechanics for games such as swords, staffs, shields, daggers, casting magic, etc.
  • Ability to animate not only basic human player characters but also other fantasy races.
  • A self-motivated problem solver who can work independently as well as collaboratively.
  • A desire to learn new skills to improve as a Lead.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills when working with a multi-disciplined team.
  • Ability to work on site in Fairfax, VA or Seattle, WA.
  • #Animation #MMO #Gameart #videogame

    Mon, 11 Feb 2019 17:55:11 GMT

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