Quality Assurance Engineer

Amazon Web Services, Inc.    Portland, OR
Job Description
  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent technical field.
  • 6+ years of proven experience as QAE, SDET, or SDE
  • 6+ years experience with driving quality across an organization as a holistic plan and not just test execution
  • 6+ years experience with QA methodologies and software testing techniques and tools, especially for web-based software products.
  • Do you want to share your passion for technology? Are you looking for your next challenge? Join us in building and maintaining the learning systems that are reaching millions of AWS Customers, Partners, and Users as they learn how to maximize tools, services, and offerings in Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are constantly evolving our core systems to enable our customers in their journey to gain technical expertise. As a QA Engineer-III on the team, you will collaborate with developers, product managers and customer support to identify unambiguous software requirements, understand all features and their implementation details, understand customer usage models and then develop and execute strategies to deliver that software into our customers' hands in an efficient fashion with a high degree of confidence in its quality. Our preferred candidate possesses a demonstrated ability in driving a team towards higher quality delivery, not just through test execution but through organizational influence; including defining product’s quality SLAs, implementing/improving process and tools, and increasing the visibility of the product quality. Our QAEs develop and drive the team to implement effective test strategies to assess the quality of the system under test, at multiple levels including component, subsystem, system, and at workflow, and in multiple verticals including function, performance, scale security, and internationalization. Also s/he understands and affects the overall product delivery and operations chain with best quality practices such as pipeline health assessment, mirror testing. As a QAE on the team you will be a key voice in the design, coding, deployment, and post-deployment phases. You'll define and implement quality gates for code changes, ensuring our users' experience will be continually maintained or improved, while enhancing development efficiency/effectiveness with clearly delineated quality SLAs and timely presented data on confidence levels on quality. Our preferred candidate also possesses a high level of coding aptitude. Our QAEs are not pure black box testers; they are able to understand the software internals, debug problems using log files, and write automated tests using a variety of frameworks. You will develop high-quality test automation to drive lower operational costs and faster deployments.

    Fri, 15 Mar 2019 07:52:12 GMT

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