Senior Strategic Analyst

Wisdom Group    San Antonio, TX
Job Description

We are currently staffing for a Senior Enterprise Level Strategic Analyst - Secret to deliver metrics and strategic processes, process mapping, and risk management support for AFCEC in San Antonio. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Provide comprehensive analyses of AFCEC resources, to include availability, constraints, and updates to unit documentation. These analyses will generally include:
  • (1) organizational structures and transformational alignments, data reports pertaining to hiring, training, education, work year execution, and overall health of the workforce;
  • (2) capability reports to include information on, and impacts of, position vacancies, Unit Manpower Documents (UMDs); monthly metric reports; and business object reports (BORs);
  • (3) reports to assist in the identification, validation and management of AFCEC’s resources, such as management of the unit manning document, and assessing the organizational capabilities of the unit;
  • (4) recommendations regarding the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process, the Future Years Defense Program (FYDP), and how to better manage resource prioritization decision making processes; and
  • (5) support, as requested by the government to support data analysis/review by leadership at the AFCEC Human Capital Management Board. It is anticipated four (4) quarterly reviews will be held per year. Additional reviews are likely due to continued organizational transformations or cultural impacts which may increase review frequencies.
  • Support as requested:

  • Stragegy Planning. Provide fully integrated A&AS support to the AFCEC Corporate Board (ACB) and all its voting members in the AFCEC Corporate Development strategic planning process in order to aid in developing a comprehensive five-year strategic plan as well as the associated implementation plan (Mission Accomplishment Plan - MAP).
  • Conduct research and provide expert advice and assistance for development of strategy and associated plans to improve enterprise-wide efforts of integrating capabilities in execution of the organization’s mission, vision, goals, objective, actions, performance measures and governance, including identification of policies, mechanisms for sustaining operations for the following deliverables.
  • Based upon contents of an annual Future Operating Concepts, conduct an annual assessment through the use of a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis to identify critical issues facing AFCEC in maintaining or improving its mission capabilities and required levels of service.
  • Prepare reports synthesizing data in order to develop discussion points and/or strategies for agenda items, or presented as plausible courses of actions (COAs), when required, for discussion with ACB members.
  • Research similar activities in both government and the private sector to mitigate risk and concerns while identifying and cultivating potential opportunities.
  • Develop strategic communication documents for AFCEC. Once culture, posture, focus areas, objectives, and metrics are set, assist in developing a set of strategic communication tools and tactics to reach target audiences in order to deploy the strategic messaging.
  • Provide a deliverable resulting in a Strategic Communications Plan to include the following components:
  • (1) Overview which includes Purpose, Goals and Methodology;
  • (2) Battle Rhythm and Milestones;
  • (3) Key Messages to include Themes, Talking Points and Medium; and
  • (4) Objectives and Evaluation to include Products and Measures/Outputs
  • Provide an annual analysis of the organization’s existing operational and governance authorities which includes a review of any guidance to operate and functions within current doctrine, mission directives, or program action directives and provide reports as required, recommend publication updates accordingly quarterly or annually as directed by the government.
  • Provide advice and analysis for strategic planning, when required, assisting in developing proposed methods of how best to deal with issues on managing change and transformation to adapt, move, direct or redefine the use of resources and effective and efficient organizational business process redesign approaches for engaging key stakeholders and leaders. This shall include providing support for analyzing change management/communication strategies taking into account the developmental needs and culture inventories, and leadership, staff/team, and studies. The change-management approach should be fully integrated into program design and enabling strategic direction and based on realistic assessments of the organization’s history, readiness and capacity to change.
  • Develop methods for collecting and disseminating best practices and lessons learned with the goal of encouraging project replication, collaboration and improving the overall performance management program deployment process. Anticipate briefings, reports, point papers shall be provided or communications in the form of emails recommending strategies or COAs monthly, as requested by the government.
  • Report at quarterly AFCEC Corporate Boards (ACB) based on the battle rhythm schedule determined at the beginning of the strategic planning year, as well as monthly, and weekly on milestones; reporting updates of the integration and oversight of high priority performance management initiatives, on such items as:
  • (1) the status of core integrated process teams (IPT),
  • (2) transformation initiatives, or other projects to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of operations,
  • (3) core process identification, and (
  • 4) facilitating business process re-engineering studies. The government anticipates the strategic planning year and battle rhythm schedule will be determined based on a calendar year and (4) four ACBs will be held quarterly, twelve (12) monthly reports and weekly milestones shall be reported in briefings at standardized leadership meetings as requested by the government.
  • Review and develop or update AFCEC Playbooks, handbooks, and other deliverables based on process mapping structure and transformation initiatives or other Civil Engineering process playbooks, guidebooks, instructional manuals, or Air Force Instructions, and while participating in other teams.
  • Provide support for improving, designing, and managing key work processes (KWP) linked to critical and core products and services.
  • Improve and identify opportunities for innovation in which KWP s and related performance is measured in a continuous performing management system by establishing performance process metrics using engagements and survey instruments similar to an AFCEC customer voice survey. The government anticipates and envisions a dashboard as the end result deliverable and a strategic performance measurement system developed for use by Action Officers (AOs) and ACB members.
  • Advise and assist in Program Management of the Unit Deployment Management (UDM), Emergency Management (EM) and Anti-Terrorism (AT) support and plans, development and implementation and provide Functional Area Management support in the implementation and coordination with key stakeholders including government decision makers; provide logistics support for AFCEC personnel traveling to/from Areas of Responsibilities (AOR) by securing necessary logistical equipment for deployment and advising on the needs required for Contingency Program Management related projects supporting the deployment of personnel to the following commands: United States Central Command (CENTCOM), United States European Command (EUCOM), and Africa Command (AFRICOM). Duties of this position will require knowledge of federal and state regulations and statutes, United States Air Force (USAF) and DoD regulations. This support is for both AFCEC’s expanded mission and internal operations to ensure quality of products and services specifically for personnel at or near JBSA, TX. Anticipate 10 or less occurrences per year of the UIC/EM based on ‘real world contingency operations’ such as: natural disasters, active shooter events, and accountability notification requirements. However, the number of activation demands are driven based on climate and local area requirements. Anticipate monthly reporting requirement updates and briefings. Anticipate approximate (10) coordinated support requests per year, and monthly report activity action requirements.
  • Assist with setup, facilitation, and deliverables (graphics, audiovisual equipment, study materials, invitations, record keeping, etc.) for meetings such as: periodic corporate governance meetings, and ACBs and other similar sessions with senior leaders both internally and externally as required. Meetings/conferences may address a wide variety of topics, such as stakeholder involvement, community relations, risk communication, etc.
  • Make logistical arrangements such as booking conference rooms, gathering data for each of the aforementioned meetings.
  • Help with preparation of enterprise wide strategic meeting minutes, meeting agendas, and presentation materials in support of AFCEC strategic planning sessions, goal/objective attainment, high risk or critical product team, portfolio management and transformation initiatives.
  • Support an estimated 20 AFCEC level staff meetings per year, an estimated 40 ad hoc meetings per year, and an estimated 20 Directorate level meetings per year.
  • Develop, and update as necessary, the master schedules used to support planning, technical and event schedules, and resources needed for the implementation of the AFCEC and/or AFIMSC structure. Requirements may include master schedules or calendar type of schedules; identification of potential impacts; development of alternative courses of action; recommendations for balancing resources, schedule and program objectives and performing risk analyses to assess schedule viability based on realistic assessments of schedule risks; preparing alternatives to correct or avoid schedule variances, and performing analysis and review of cost estimates to include engineering assessments; preparing program cost tracking, trend analysis and budget planning and programming.
  • Minimum BA/BS and 3-10 years experience
  • MA/MS preferred
  • Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $60,000.00 to $74,000.00 /year


  • Bachelor s (Required)
  • Work Location:

  • One location

  • Mon, 15 Apr 2019 22:20:01 GMT

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