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Recruitments for County positions are typically conducted to establish eligibility lists to fill countywide vacancies that occur during the active status of those lists (approximately 3 -12 months). Any person on a promotional eligibility list will be considered first by the hiring department(s) before persons on an open eligibility list. The County of Lake only accepts applications for permanent positions when actively recruiting. Only online applications are accepted. It is the responsibility of each applicant to review the full job description and requirements. The County is an Equal Opportunity-Affirmative Action Employer. Veteran's Preference. To apply for County examinations - All applications for County examinations must be submitted through the County's online application system. A completed Supplemental Questionnaire must be submitted with each online application. All permanent County recruitments will be posted at with a link to the online application. The County of Lake reserves the right to limit the number of applications that will be accepted for any open recruitment, and any such limit will be included on the job posting. When a limit is posted, the recruitment is subject to close at any time prior to the final filing date. Completed online application packets must be submitted by the close of business on the date that the recruitment closes. All relevant experience must be included on the application to be considered – resumes and other attached documents will not be used to qualify an applicant. Relevant experience and/or education may be substituted at a ratio of 2 to 1 for the purpose of meeting minimum qualifications and applicants should contact the Human Resources department for details. Important Notice - The provisions listed on job postings, job descriptions, or other recruitment materials do not constitute an expressed or implied contract. Benefits may vary between bargaining units. Any provisions contained within job postings, job descriptions or other recruitment material may be modified or revoked without notice. All County of Lake applicants who are given a conditional employment offer must comply with the County's pre-employment medical review program before they may be appointed to the County position. Application and Testing Information: This Staff Services Analyst I position is located in Clearlake, CA. Salary Information and Training and Experience: Training and Experience: EXPERIENCE - PATTERN I: One (1) year of experience in a position requiring analysis, interpretation and/or implementation of complex rules and regulations. OR EDUCATION - PATTERN II: Education equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree from college. (Supervisory experience or experience providing program management recommendations may be substituted for the required education on a year-for-year basis). Special Requirements: None Full Job Description: STAFF SERVICES ANALYST I (EQUIVALENT TO MERIT SYSTEM SERVICES CLASSIFICATION OF STAFF SERVICES ANALYST I – LAKE COUNTY) DEFINITION Under general supervision, to provide basic support for the department by gathering program and statistical information; to provide program analysis and technical support for eligibility, for employment, and for staff; to analyze and interpret legislation, laws, and regulations, determining the impact on the department's services and functions; to develop and/or contract for staff training; and to do related work as required. DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS This is the entry and first working level in the Staff Services Analyst class series. Incumbents work under close supervision, performing analytical work of increasing difficulty in one or more areas of administrative services. Incumbents in this classification may learn to perform specialized administrative, personnel, staff development, fiscal, program and data processing system analysis duties or they may function as a generalist and be assigned any combination of the staff services disciplines. This class is distinguished from Staff Services Analyst II by the fact that Staff Services Analyst I incumbents perform a narrower range of duties under closer supervision. When work knowledge has been developed, sound work demonstrated, and requirements have been met, most incumbents may reasonably expect promotion to the Staff Services Analyst II level; however, positions limited to analytical duties of a more routine repetitive nature will be permanently allocated at the Staff Services Analyst I level. REPORTS TO A variety of supervisory or management positions, depending upon the department or program area where assigned. CLASSIFICATIONS SUPERVISED May provide lead direction, work coordination, and training, as assigned. EXAMPLES OF IMPORTANT AND ESSENTIAL DUTIES (The following is used as a partial description and is not restrictive as to duties required.) {Many of the assignments described below are performed in a training and learning capacity with an incumbent expected to continually develop the knowledge and ability to work on an increasingly independent basis.} Staff Development: Prepares and provides training to new and ongoing staff; reviews regulations and develops written policies and staff training protocols and formats; evaluates training methodologies; prepares written position statements; may develop and write the department's annual training plan for submission to the State; coordinates and organizes staff training both on-site and with outside vendors. Fiscal: Provides technical support for the department's budget and accounting system, fiscal forecasting and departmental fiscal management systems; tracks revenues and expenses, posts to journals, balances revenues, and maintains trust account funds; prepares and monitors claims and accounts; administers various grants and prepares related budget and program reports. Data Processing: Provides support for department development and use of computerized information systems, including on-line systems; develops procedure manuals and materials for computerized systems; prepares and provides on-line and computerized system training to new and ongoing staff. Program Analysis: Provides support for department program planning and identification and analysis of program administration problems. Personnel: Provides support for department personnel program, focusing on personnel management issues such as classification and pay, recruitment and examining, labor relations and affirmative action. All Specialties: Performs reviews and analysis of department operations, policies, and procedures; analyzes the impact of legislation, rules and regulations on department functions and services; conducts group and individual conferences to discuss or interpret rules, regulations, and policies; determines the need for staff training and development on program and regulation implementation; prepares and implements training programs on impacts and compliance with rules and regulations; reviews and ensures implementation of staff development and training plans; prepares written position statements; may prepare and monitor contracts executed by the department; prepares major department reports, such as the comprehensive annual plan; handles appeals and attempts to resolve hearing issues; gathers and analyzes data regarding services and operations; develops recommendations on policies, procedures, and operations; represents the department at meetings; confers with department management regarding policies, procedures, and staffing. TYPICAL PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS Sit for extended periods; frequently stand and walk; normal manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination; lift and move objects weighing up to 25 lbs.; corrected hearing and vision to normal range; verbal communication; use of office equipment, including computer, telephone, calculator, copiers, FAX, and other related peripheral equipment such as printers and scanners. TYPICAL WORKING CONDITIONS Work is performed in an office environment; continuous contact with staff and the public. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Knowledge of: General principles and practices of public and business administration. Governmental functions and organization. Principles and practices related to specialized areas of assignment. Department program goals, requirements, and operations. Policies, procedures, and programs of the department. In-depth and interactive interviewing and information gathering techniques. Research and information gathering methods and procedures. Principles of lead direction, work coordination, and training. Ability to: Provide lead direction, work coordination, and training, as assigned. Learn the principles, techniques and practices of project planning, development, and coordination and staff development. Perform a variety of analysis, administrative support, training, and related services. Perform and document research dealing with a variety of legislative, regulation, and administrative analysis work. Read and interpret operating procedures and regulations. Evaluate information and develop recommendations regarding department operating policies and implement changes. Interpret, explain, and apply a variety of federal, state and County policies, rules, procedures, and regulations. Work independently and accept increasing responsibility. Collect, interpret, and evaluate narrative and statistical data. Communicate effectively orally and in writing including the preparation of clear and concise records and reports. Effectively communicate with people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Explain regulations and programs in an easily understandable manner. Effectively represent the department in answering questions, responding to inquiries, providing assistance, and dealing with concerns from the public, community organizations, other County staff, and other agencies. Regularly work well under pressure, meeting multiple and sometimes conflicting deadlines. Constantly demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues, supervisors, and customers/clients. Training and Experience: EXPERIENCE - PATTERN I: One (1) year of experience in a position requiring analysis, interpretation and/or implementation of complex rules and regulations. OR EDUCATION - PATTERN II: Education equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree from college. (Supervisory experience or experience providing program management recommendations may be substituted for the required education on a year-for-year basis). Special Requirements: None The contents of this class specification shall not be construed to constitute any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee, nor shall it constitute a contract of employment. The County of Lake assumes no responsibility beyond the general accuracy of the document, nor does it assume responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information contained herein. The contents of this specification may be modified or revoked without notice. Terms and conditions of employment are determined through a "meet and confer" process and are subject to the Memorandum of Understanding currently in effect.

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