VFX Supervisor

FuseFX    New York, NY
Job Description
FuseFX New York is seeking talented and experienced VFX Supervisors to add to the production team for current and upcoming projects.

FuseFX is an award-winning visual effects and animation studio focused on producing photo-real digital effects for feature film, episodic television and commercials.

Preferred Requirements:
  • Experience leading a team of Nuke compositors and 3D artists in an episodic TV environment
  • On-set supervision, script breakdown, and bidding experience
  • Working knowledge of Nuke composting workflow
  • Strong understanding of directory structure, file formats, naming conventions, scripts, automation tools, automated dailies
  • Excellent problem solving and communication skills
  • Strong creative and technical abilities
  • Must be a team player and work well under tight deadlines
  • Skills & Responsibilities:
  • Attending production and VFX meetings, location and tech scouts
  • Breaking down scripts and working with producers and department leads in bidding
  • Providing on-set supervision of plate and element photography
  • Leading team of compositors, providing guidance and feedback on shots
  • Assisting in recruitment duties, reviewing reels, making recommendations
  • Communicating effectively with clients, artists, and management, while guiding a shot from initial concept through final delivery
  • FuseFx Resume Submission Form

    Fri, 26 Oct 2018 07:59:43 GMT

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